Bylaw Amendments: I 100% Support and urge a yes vote

bylaw amendments: i 100% support and urge a yes vote

The recent opinion given by Dr. Ellen Fithian to Vote No to the By-law change, is very informative yet does leave some very important details out.

To begin with, the only item in question is Votes cast vs eligible Votes. If one reads the details, it clearly calls out a required quorum of votes. Also, the By-Laws clearly identify protective classes, including Social members.

If you look at past efforts to change By-laws they failed. Not because they did not have support of Members. They failed because of NON Votes.

As much as TRCC's Board of Governors and it's Committee's are working hard to inform every member of the details as well as the importance of voting. Sadly many members just don't vote.

This sadly these non Votes impedes on the ability to pass common sense changes.

As one of the two Social Members on the Board of Governors as well as the At-large member of the Executive Committee. I can say, we have worked non-stop to insure fairness in this change and transparency with multiple Own Your Future events. These changes to the by-laws that are long time coming.

I 100% support and urge a YES VOTE.

John Curran

Member of TRCC Board of Governors, Social Member