GLF vs. TRCC: What's the difference?

glf vs. trcc: what's the difference?

Homeowners in the Governor’s Land community belong to two organizations - Governor’s Land Foundation (GLF) and Two Rivers Country Club (TRCC). It took me awhile to figure out what each of these organizations does, and how they interact, so I thought it might be useful to provide an overview for newcomers.

Two Rivers Country Club (TRCC): Our private country club

TRCC owns and manages the clubhouse (with associated dining and social activities), golf course (and golf program), and marina. Additionally, it provides tennis and pickleball instruction and assists int he management of those facilities.

Governance: TRCC is governed by an elected, 15 member Board of Governors (BOG) comprised of 8 Full Golf Members, 4 Associate Golf Members, 2 Social Members, and 1 Marina Member. Each household is considered one "membership" for the purpose of voting, but the number of votes assigned to each membership varies according to the membership category. In general, Full Golf and Nonresident (Golf) Memberships get 4 votes per membership, Associate Golf Memberships get 2 votes per membership, and Social Memberships get 1 vote per membership. Board members spend countless hours volunteering their time and expertise - thanks to all of them for their service.

General Manager: Josh DeBottis. Josh is new to TRCC, officially reporting for duty on November 15. He has a fantastic resume, so we look forward to reaping the benefit of his experience. Welcome, Josh!

Governor's Land Foundation (GLF): Our homeowner's association

Just about everything except the golf course, clubhouse, and marina is owned and overseen by GLF. Its purview includes the green spaces that grace our community along with the sidewalks, trails and boardwalks through the neighborhood and sanctuary. Recreational amenities under the aegis of GLF include our pools plus our tennis, pickleball, bocce, and basketball courts. Finally, GLF owns and manages the fitness center at Park West, the community building at Park East, the garden center, and my personal favorite - the beach.

Governance: GLF is governed by an elected, 9 member Board of Directors (BOD) made up of Governor's Land residents. Unlike TRCC, there is just one class of membership and each membership (household) gets one vote. Ditto my comment about TRCC Board members - we owe a debt of gratitude to the GLF Board members for their tireless efforts.

General Manager: Lisa Smith. Lisa has been at GLF since 2010 and does a terrific job of keeping our neighborhood looking beautiful and running smoothly.

To get a better understanding of the roles of GLF and TRCC, as well as to learn more about the wealth of amenities and services available to members of our community through both of these organizations, check out a PowerPoint posted on our Governor's Land member website that is admirably organized, succinct, and loaded with great photos. To view it, go to the member website and click on GLF in the main menu bar at the top of the page. Click on the document entitled, "A Reference for Residents About Governor's Land." The ten minutes it will take you to review it will be time well spent, I assure you!